About Us

Young, innovative and dynamic - this is Buy-App-Downloads.com

We are a young German company and have made it our mission to make the promotion of mobile applications as simple, effectiv and inexpensive as possible. Our services build on innovative ideas and academic knowledge. Our company has years of experience in App Marketing and App Promotion. We maintain and improve our services continously with the help of our competent and experienced team consisting of economists and programmers. Our valued customers benefit from our new and innovative ideas, the continuous improvement of our service and our low prices, which we are able to realize due to our years of experience.

Your benefit: 5 years of App marketing experience and innovative ideas

We had already the chance to demonstrate our expertise with several successful projects in many areas and achieved market leading positions in app marketing. You will not only benefit from our experience. Here you can find a small selection of reasons why you can trust our company:

  • 5 years of experience in the field of online marketing
  • Innovative project ideas and project implementation
  • 24-hour support and help with all questions & problems
  • A flawless & fast delivery guaranteed
  • Highest level of confidentiality & security

The Philosophy

Our vision, mission and business philosophy

As a main part of our activities, we focus on quality to our customers in all aspects. We have made it our mission to extent the reach android or ios apps, be it awesome games or useful applications, in an easy and inexpensive way.

Our business philosophy: Quality, innovation and proximity to customers

Since the very start of our work, the philosophy of our company is based on quality, innovation and proximity to customers, which represent the center of our services. We do not offer any products which fail to convince us of their quality. We are only satisfied when we are assured that our customers are fully satisfied with our services. In addition, we rely on a continuous improvement of our services and products in order to offer our customers the latest state of technologically possible products. Our business philosophy is complemented by our proximity to customers. We always build on accessibility, support and a friendly customer service - every day and at any time. It is very important to us to acknowledge the trust that is placed in us by our customers, and to confirm this by additional services and our USPs. Moreover, we always ensure to achieve the best value for money, which we lay out to the benefit of our customers and users in almost all cases.