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Downloads for Apps in the Google Play Store are one of the most important indicators to get a better ranking. To be placed in the top-charts it is important to get a high amount of downloads in a short period. You may have built an Android app and are very proud of the design as this app works on each device which you have tested. Apparently, there is no rivalry in your niche. After you have published it, you use your Facebook profile page to share it. The following day, you anxiously check the number of people who have downloaded it. However, there is not even one review! Even after promoting it thoroughly, your downloads are still below 500. There are some steps which can assist you to increase your download numbers. Ensure you have a lovely, lengthy description for your app so as to place it in the market place. This is for the sake of your clients and the ranking of your app. You should put in time to ensure this gets done right or directly use a service like ours to increase your app-rankings in the google play store. We offer you a lot of high quality products like android app downloads, app reviews/ratings and app comments.

High Quality App Marketing

Our high quality app marketing is the best way to implement your app marketing strategy and save a lot of money. With our services you can increase the popularity of your app and get a lot of new members and downloads/installs. If possible, the app-description you have should be generalized in very common languages such as Korean, Spanish, French or Chinese. Google Play has a great feature which enables you to carry out the translation automatically. Some translations might not be accurate, so it is important to double check. Your description should have specific keywords which you aim to target with your app. For instance, you may have a camera app called ‘Fancy Camera Tricks.’ Utilize the term ‘camera’ 3 to 6 times in your description for the app and utilize ‘fancy’ and ‘trick’ numerous times. Use the usual tool for Adwords Keyword to look for lateral keywords to utilize also. When you use lateral keywords which Google has suggested after conducting your major search, this enhances the chances of your app to be included in the search results for the major keywords. Remember to mention any permission your app requests for after being installed. This will be visible to the user so it is advisable to be truthful from the beginning. List each of your app’s features and at the same time be transparent on any monetization modals you have set up. It is mandatory to create a video for your app. For this, it is recommended that you hire an expert agency. There are video editors who are specialists in app videos. Ensure the video contains subtitles for the local language. If you can afford, you can facilitate its translation which will have a great impact on your downloads. In the list, a lot of traffic from Google Play searches and the App Store just go up to the 50th app.

Top-Ranking in the Play Store

To make an application really famous it is important to increase the amount of downloads to get a top ranking in the charts. Obviously, developers work to ensure their app rates highest. One method is by using a Cost per Install (CPI) Campaign through various advertisers. For every install you will submit a specific amount of money. The aim is to push yourself to the Top 50 apps. When you reach this spot, the effects will be long lasting, ensuring you get your money’s worth. For some time, you can provide your app at half price or for free. When you combine this with the CPI campaign mentioned earlier, the impact will be awesome. There are some apps also which can assist to promote your discounted app, in the same manner as everyday deal sites operate. Some services are available which can work on the distribution of your press release. Simply write your press release and then send it. Some particular agencies can assist you to get in touch with a large number of publications and blogs. Even when you utilize these services, it is advisable to communicate with blogs which are medium sized for reviews. These people are normally anxious to view new apps and as they are not very big, you will not lose popularity fast, which means additional traffic.

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We ordered 1000 installations for our new puzzle game. Within the shortest time we noticed the downloads and received a good ranking the the category for puzzles. We are convinced.
James Raynold, New York
Thank you for the friendly support and advice for our individual campaig. I would definitely recommend your service.
Donna Handley, Toronto.
Our large campaign has been successfully completed and we are happy. There was always someone reachable for queries relating to our campaign.
Christopher Sylven, New York.
Highly satisfied by your service. At the beginning I was skeptical about this service but the guys show me that its really working fine and that it has a high efficiency.
Veronica Slota, Chicago.

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