What do we offer?

Buy-App-Downloads.com is offering high quality international Android and iOS marketing services. This services are including international or geo-targeted app downloads and app reviews with comments. These products are the main determinants for app store and play store chartings and rankings, why It is important to acquire such service elements.

What are the impacts of app downloads and app reviews?

The amount of app downloads and reviews are decisive for the calculation of app store or play store rankings of applications. The more downloads and reviews an application has, the better is the ranking in the stores. A good app ranking and charting is generating a high amount of reputation and organic downloads.

Where do you acquire the downloads and reviews?

To acquire our offered app downloads and reviews we use our large promotion networks and different social media channels.

How long does the delivery take?

You can choose the delivery time while you are ordering your product package. To get your app ranked in the top charts, the services need to delivered as fast as possible.

When the results will be shown in the play store?

After the first acquisition of app downloads it will take nearly 3 days to see them in the internal google statistic and maybe up to 1 week to see them in the play store site of the app. The visibility of app reviews is instant, you can see them directly after the acquisition.

What should I do after ordering my individual app marketing campaign?

After the ordering and payment process you should check If you application is worldwide available. We can only complete your order successful, If your application is worldwide available, or at least in america and russia. Furthermore you should not use other marketing services because otherwise the results of our app marketing activities could falsify.

How can I make my app famous?

Our main recommendation to make an application famous is to order as much as possible app downloads and a matching amount of reviews. The amount of app downloads is the most imporant and most effective determinant for the ranking. Because of this you can directly affect the success of the marketing activities and the resulting ranking in the play store or app store charts.