Our platform hosts a fully self-service platform, where you can do everything on your own, without waiting time.
The only think you need to do, is Register an account, add money to your account, and then start some orders.

Ratings are the stars that people rate the app with, from 1-5 stars.
Reviews are the comments people leave, when they also rate the app.

Note: Reviews can't be made without also leaving a rating first.

We're doing guaranteed ranking for Top 1 and 3 for all countries, and also 5 and 10 for US.
This can be done on a weekly or monthly basis. This means we keep the Top X ranking, for a week or a month at least.

To be completele honest, it can be a bit dangourous for your app, but most of the time when anything happens, it's "only" a keyword lock.
A keyword lock means that you lose the ranking completely for that one keyword for around 1-3 months. After this it will slowly grind back to where it was.
This keyword lock mostly happens in very popular countries, which at the moment is US, and only on rare occations in other countries.
It's important to say, that we have NEVER faced a full app ban!

The price varies for each keyword and country combination, so if you want to know the pricing, please contact our support on either the Live chat, or Skype.